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This Review Goes Over Blood, Blood Vessels, And The Heart.[print questions]

The cardiovascular system consist of
a) heart and blood
b) heart and lymph
c) heart, blood, and blood vessels
d) only the heart

Which of these in NOT a function of the cardiovascular system?
a) transporting cells that attack disease-causing microorganisms
b) carrying oxygen , glucose, and other needed materials
c) carry wastes products away from cells
d) controlling many body processes by means of chemicals

What is the blood type of a person whose plasma contains only anti- B clumping proteins?
a) A
b) B
c) AB
d) O

Needed substances are carried to the body cells by
a) enzymes
b) blood
c) water
d) food

Which chamber of the heart pumps oxygen-poor blood to the lungs?
a) left atrium
b) right atrium
c) left ventricle
d) right ventricle

The function of the atria is to
a) pump blood to the lungs
b) pump blood to the body
c) receive blood that comes into the heart
d) deliver oxygen to body tissues

When the ventricles contract, blood is pumped
a) out of the heart
b) into the heart
c) through the septum
d) into veins

When blood flows into the right atrium from the body, it contains
a) little oxygen and a lot of carbon dioxide
b) a lot of oxygen and little carbon dioxide
c) a lot of both oxygen and carbon dioxide
d) little of either oxygen or carbon dioxide

Blood flows from the heart to the body through
a) arteries
b) veins
c) capillaries
d) aorta

As blood moves away from the heart, blood pressure
a) stays the same
b) increases
c) decreases
d) It can limit the functioning of white blood cells

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