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Which of the following are microscopic gold particles that are used to help treat disease?
a) ions
b) isotopes
c) iodoshells
d) nanoshells

Which of the following is a tool used for separating this different color wavelengths from each other?
a) telescopes
b) microscopes
c) stethoscopes
d) spectroscopes

Which of the following is NOT in the visible light spectrum?
a) red light
b) blue light
c) violet light
d) ultraviolet light

What type of rays would you expect to be used frequently at a hospital to make medial diagnoses?
a) x-rays
b) UV rays
c) Microwaves
d) Gamma rays

Which of the following statements is true?
a) X-rays have higher frequencies than microwaves.
b) UV rays have higher frequencies than gamma rays.
c) Gamma rays have lower frequencies than microwaves.
d) Infrared rays have lower frequencies than radio waves.

Which of the following statements is true?
a) X-rays have longer wavelengths that microwaves
b) Radio waves have shorter wavelengths than X-rays.
c) Gamma rays have longer wavelengths than UV rays.
d) Gamma rays have shorter wavelengths than microwaves.

Where on the electromagnetic spectrum is visible light found?
a) between x-rays and UV rays
b) between X-rays and gamma rays
c) between infrared rays and UV rays
d) between radio waves and microwaves

A wave with low frequency would have relatively ______________.
a) low energy and a long wavelength
b) low energy and a short wavelength
c) high energy and a long wavelength
d) high energy and a short wavelength

Which of the following types of waves has the shortest wavelength?
a) X-ray
b) UV rays
c) microwaves
d) radio waves

Which of the following best defines the science of separating color wavelengths?
a) Spectroscopy
b) color-detection
c) photo-chemistry
d) spectrophotometry

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