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What occurs when a wave causes vibration in a nearby object that matches the frequency of the wave?
a) reflection
b) polarization
c) resonance
d) refraction

Which term defines the process of a wave bending as it enters a new medium?
a) reflection
b) constructive bending
c) destructive bending
d) refraction

Which term defines the process of a wave bouncing off of a surface?
a) reflection
b) constructive interference
c) destructive interference
d) refraction

Which of the following describes what takes place when waves run into each other and become larger?
a) wave division
b) multiplication interference
c) constructive interference
d) destructive interference

Which type of wave does NOT have a crest?
a) A transverse wave
b) An electromagnetic wave
c) A longitudinal wave
d) An oscillating wave

Which term best describes the movement of waves and how they interact with one another?
a) wave shape
b) wave chemistry
c) wave behavior
d) Wave velocity

What part of the wave best describes the lowest point of a wave?
a) The crest point
b) The trough point
c) The center point
d) The wavelength

The components of a longitudinal wave include ____________________.
a) Rarefaction only
b) Compression, rarefaction, and triangulation
c) Compression and rarefaction
d) Compression only

What measures the distance between two consecutive crests of a wave?
a) a crest
b) the wavelength
c) the amplitude
d) a trough

Which of the following does NOT help to describe a transverse wave?
a) crest
b) rarefaction
c) amplitude
d) trough

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