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The theory of evolution says that modern organisms and their characteristics arose through the process of __________ and _________ over millions of years
a) mutation, natural selection
b) natural selection, spontaneous generation
c) spontaneous generation, mutation

Scientis may classify marine environments based on a wide range of physical characteristics, or a combination of physical characteristics
a) true
b) false

The ________ zone refers to the water portion of the ocean. The _________ zone refers to the bottom
a) pelagic, benthic
b) benthic, abyssal
c) abyssal, benthic
d) pelagic, benthic

The zone of deep water in the open ocean is the ___________ zone
a) bathypelagic
b) epipelagic
c) mesopelagic
d) abyssalpelagic

Shore bottom that is splashed but not submerged is the ____________ zone of the benthic zone
a) supralittoral
b) littoral
c) inner sublittoral
d) hadal

The marine lifestyle that consists of organisms that swim is called
a) nekton
b) plankton
c) benthos

Bottom dwellers are known as _______. They are a subgroup of the _________
a) Epifauna and Epilora, infauna
b) epifauna and epiflora, neuston
c) neuston,infauna
d) infauna, epiflora and epifauna

The neuston are oranisms that __________. They are a subgroup of _______
a) float, plankton
b) live burined in the bottom, benthos
c) float, benthos
d) live midwater, plankton

The zone between the low tide mark and the edge of the continental shelf
a) nertic zone
b) oceanic zone
c) intertidal zone

To do well on the upcoming test I should
a) read over the my notes, review the information on Mrs Sebastian's web site and practice these games and go to bed at a reaso
b) watch TV
c) talk endlessly on the phone
d) spend the eveing IMing friends

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