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A wave encounters a barrier with two openings. Which of the following best describes what will happen to the wave as it moves through the two gaps?
a) The wave will select one of the gaps at random to pass through, and will not pass through the second
b) The wave will diffract as it passes, and the diffracted waves will overlap on the other side.
c) The wave will diffract as it passes, but the diffracted waves will NOT overlap on the other side.
d) Nothing will happen

When a wave encounters a large gapless barrier, which of the following describes what will happen?
a) The barrier will absorb some of the wave's energy
b) The wave will destroy the barrier, and remain completely unaffected
c) The wave will diffract around the barrier
d) The wave will move through the barrier unaffected

Choose the most accurate statement:
a) Waves can exist in liquids and gases only.
b) Waves can exist in liquids and solids only.
c) Waves can exist in solids and liquids only.
d) Waves can exist in solids, liquids, and gases.

An earthquake can cause which type of wave?
a) A barrier wave
b) A seismic wave
c) A thermal wave
d) A diffraction wave

A surface wave on the ocean's surface is an example of a(n) _____________ wave.
a) gravity
b) seismic
c) mechanical
d) electromagnetic

A longitudinal wave is also known as a(n) _________________ wave.
a) seismic
b) compression
c) oscillating
d) transverse

The back and forth movement of the medium that a wave travels through is parallel to the directional movement of the wave. What type of wave is this?
a) a seismic wave
b) a longitudinal wave
c) an oscillating wave
d) a transverse wave

What type of wave is a light wave?
a) A seismic wave
b) A transverse wave
c) A longitudinal wave
d) A compression wave

A(n) _____________ wave best describes a wave whose direction of travel is perpendicular to the displacement of the medium.
a) sound
b) electromagnetic
c) longitudinal
d) transverse

What type of wave is a sound wave?
a) A transverse wave
b) An oscillating wave
c) A longitudinal wave
d) An electromagnetic wave

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