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Which is NOT a characteristic of Progressives?
a) They are a pain in the butt
b) They have a cause
c) They want everyone to be equal
d) They want to change the world

Which of these progressives fought for women's suffrage?
a) Ida Tarbell
b) Nellie Bly
c) Mother Jones
d) Alice Paul

Where was the first women's suffrage convention held?
a) London, England
b) Seneca Falls, NY
c) Albany, NY
d) Washington, D.C.

Who was our first progressive President?
a) Thomas Edison
b) Woodrow Wilson
c) William McKinley
d) Theodore Roosevelt

What is the term for journalists who write about things that need to change?
a) Muckrakers
b) Philanthropists
c) Yellow Journalists
d) Troublemakers

What did Upton Sinclair want to do when he wrote The Jungle?
a) Clean up meatpacking plants
b) Stop illegal immigration
c) Improve working conditions
d) Reform the food industry

Which was NOT one of the reforms Theodore Roosevelt made?
a) He made taxes the same for everyone
b) He broke up monopolies
c) He started the national parks
d) He passed the Pure Food and Drug Act

Which word means the same thing as monopoly?
a) Tycoon
b) Bank
c) Trust
d) Empire

Which progressive started the American Federation of Labor?
a) Mother Jones
b) Samuel Gompers
c) Terrence Powderly
d) Eugene V. Debs

What was Ida Tarbell's cause?
a) Ending monopolies
b) Reforming prison conditions
c) Fair wages for everyone
d) Women's suffrage

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