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This Test Reviews Blood, Vessels, And Heart.[print questions]

What is the function of white blood cells?
a) carry cabon dioxide
b) increase blood pressure
c) carry waste away from body cells
d) fight disease

If your pulse rate increases, your heart is beating
a) slower than before
b) faster than before
c) at the same rate
d) with less pressure than before

Which component of blood is 90 % water?
a) plasma
b) platelets
c) red blood cells
d) whire blood cells

If a person has O blood , who can they donate to
a) A
b) B
c) O
d) A, B, AB, and O

Where does blood go after it leaves the lungs ?
a) pulmonary arteries
b) pulmonary veins
c) right atrium
d) left ventricle

If a person has AB blood, who can they recieve blood from
a) A, B, AB, or O
b) AB
c) B
d) A

What is the function of the red blood cell?
a) fight disease
b) carry oxygen to cells
c) clot blood
d) produce nutrients

If a person's blood lacked platelets, what process could not take place?
a) carry oxygen to cells
b) carry glucose to cells
c) clot blood
d) transfusing of blood

Blood types are determined by
a) marker molecules on red blood cells
b) the kinds of blood that are available for transfusion
c) marker molecules on white blood cells
d) the presence of fibrin in plasma

Where does blood go after it leaves the right atrium?
a) aorta
b) pulmonary artery
c) right ventricle
d) left ventricle

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