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What is the largest artery in the body?
a) vena cava
b) aorta
c) septum
d) ventricle

What do you call the flap of tissue that prevents blood from flowing backwards?
a) septum
b) ventricle
c) aorta
d) valve

Name the blood vessel that takes blood away from the heart.
a) aorta
b) vein
c) capillary
d) artery

What are the two upper chambers of the heart?
a) atria
b) ventricles
c) septum
d) aortas

What blood vessel carries blood back to the heart?
a) artery
b) capillary
c) vein
d) aorta

What do you call a group of heart cells that send out signals that make the heart muscle contract?
a) ventricle
b) septum
c) vena cava
d) pacemaker

What are the two lower chambers of the heart called?
a) atria
b) ventricles
c) septum
d) aortas

Name the tiny blood vessel where substances are exchanged between the blood and body cells.
a) capillary
b) vein
c) artery
d) aorta

What do you call the hollow muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body?
a) septum
b) vena cava
c) ventricle
d) heart

Name the system that consist of the heart, blood vessels, and blood.
a) respiratory
b) digestive
c) cardiovascular
d) nervous

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