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A _________ is two sugar molecules, linked together.
a) saccharide
b) polysaccharide
c) disaccharide
d) monosaccharide

A unicellular, eukaryotic organism is known as a:
a) archaebacteria
b) fungus
c) protist
d) bacteria

_______ is a valuable because it can form 4 bonds with other molecules.
a) oxygen
b) carbon
c) hydrogen
d) nitrogen

In science, a ___ is something that has been proven and is generally accepted as true.
a) law
b) theory
c) hypothesis
d) educated guess

___ was the scientist who believed that organisms change over time due to the changes they make in their lifetime, for example, a giraffe stretching its neck to get food
a) Darwin
b) Hooke
c) Watson
d) Lamarck

Birds developing longer beaks to reach inside a hole in a tree to obtain insects for food is an example of:
a) gene flow
b) mutation
c) genetic drift
d) the bottleneck effect

___ is the formation of single, identical RNA from the two-stranded DNA.
a) Transcription
b) Translation
c) Replication
d) Recombination

DNA replication takes place during which phase of the cell cycle?
a) Interphase
b) Prophase
c) Metaphase
d) Anaphase

The organelle in the cell where cellular respiration takes place is called the:
a) chloroplast
b) mitochondria
c) lysosome
d) Golgi body

Which of the following is an example of a heterozygous genotype?
a) BB
b) Bb
c) bb
d) none of the above

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