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What is the earliest stage in a star's life?
a) quasar
b) neutron star
c) pulsar
d) protostar

What is a huge group of stars, star systems, star clusters, and nebulae?
a) universe
b) galaxy
c) constellation
d) black hole

How long a star lives depends on it's?
a) color
b) size
c) temperature
d) location

What was the first force created by the universe which attracts all objects toward each other?
a) inertia
b) mass
c) dark energy
d) gravity

What is the brightness of a star called when seen from Earth's surface?
a) apparent
b) absolute
c) magnitude
d) luminescence

Astronomer's think that in the future the universe will continue to?
a) explode
b) freeze
c) shrink
d) expand

The Big Bang Theory is evidence that the universe exploded 14 billion years ago out of?
a) matter
b) antimatter
c) nothing
d) dark energy

How many billions of years old is the sun?
a) 2.6
b) 3.6
c) 4.6
d) 5.6

What were the first elements created 100 seconds after the Big Bang?
a) hydrogen and oxygen
b) helium and oxygen
c) hydrogen and lithium
d) hydrogen and helium

How many billions of years do scientist believe the smallest stars will live to be?
a) 100
b) 200
c) 300
d) 400

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