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The more accepted theory of moon's origin is
a) that a planet sized object struck the Earth sending material into orbit that eventually became the moon
b) that the moon was a planet flung from another galaxy by a supernova that happened to fall into Earth's orbit
c) that the moon was a passing asteroid, captured by Eath's gravity

It is theorized that the atmosphere formed
a) only after Earth cooled enough to form a crust
b) when Earth was formed
c) only in the last 40,000 years

It is theorized that the oceans formed
a) only after Earth cooled enough for water to accumulate on Earth's surface
b) when the atmosphere formed
c) only in the last 40,000 years

Scientists theorize that the formation of the ocean
a) created the atmosphere required for terrestial life to form
b) was helpful, but not critical to the formation of life
c) was caused by the generation of oxygen

The most compelling theory that life began in the oceans is
a) based on how scientists interpret the fossil record
b) the oceans are still a primodial soup
c) completely without fossil evidence

according to theory, that first molcular building blocks of life
a) are readily formed under certain conditions by natural processes
b) were caused by lightening striking the ocean
c) formed with the big bang

Scientists theorize that non living chemicals became life when
a) a large, stable molecule formed by chance and became capable of reproducing itself
b) volcanic activity and electricity randomly shock a protein structure
c) none of the answers are correct

abiogenesis is
a) the origin of life from non living matter
b) exactly the opposite of spontaneous generation
c) both answers are correct

a ___________ is an organisms that relies on consuming chemical compounds. An _______ is an organisms that can create organic chemicals from inorganic compounds and an external energy source
a) heterotroph, autotroph
b) heterotroph, mitochondria
c) autotroph, mitochondria
d) autotroph, heterotroph

Oxygen is improtant to life because it allows organisms to use chemical energy more effeciently
a) true
b) false

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