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This gas blocks sunlight. If enough of it is erupted from a volcano, temperatures could drop on Earth.
a) sulfur dioxide
b) carbon dioxide
c) carbon monoxide
d) methane

Located below a volcano; where magma is stored.
a) magma chamber
b) vent
c) crater
d) caldera

This type of volcano is found most commonly around the Ring of Fire.
a) Composite cone/stratovolcano
b) Cinder cone
c) Shield

Eruption of this volcano produced the loudest sound in recorded history.
a) Krakatoa
b) Yellowstone
c) Mt. St. Helens
d) Kilauea

Volcanoes are dangerous because they are hard to predict.
a) True
b) False

Yellowstone is a supervolcano that has erupted 3 times in the past. The chances of it erupting again soon are
a) Low
b) High
c) Medium

The Hawaiian volcanoes are examples of which type of volcano?
a) Shield
b) Composite cone
c) Cinder cone

Erupted sideways instead of vertically (straight up)
a) Mt. St. Helens
b) Composite cone
c) Cinder cone

Magma traveling toward the surface can loosen rock and other materials on the sides of a volcano which can trigger this disaster.
a) Landslide
b) Pyroclastic flow
c) Tsunami
d) Mudflow

All of the following are true about magma EXCEPT?
a) It always flows at the same speed
b) It forms in the crust/upper mantle
c) It is molten rock
d) It consists of minerals, gases, and water.

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