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The Big Bang Theory is
a) The theoretical beginning of the universe from a single point
b) the formation of the earth from a supernova
c) the formation of the moon from a volcanic explosion

A protostar is
a) the beginning of a star caused by gases accumulating and condensing into a dense core
b) a star that explodes into multiple protobodies
c) an expanding cloud of water vapor

Scientists theorize that stars formed
a) when protostars became so dense that nuclear fusion began in their core
b) because matter in the energy in the expanding universe is evenly distributed
c) as a result of comets striking protostars

Scientists therorize that heavy elements formed
a) when light atoms within the stars fused, becoming heavier atoms
b) when the Big Bang hurled atoms into eachother
c) when the universe collapsed

In a star's theorized life cycle, a supernova occurs when
a) the star consumes all the hydrogen fueling it
b) the star accretes from condensing gases
c) the star condenses and begins to expand

It is theorized that the solar system
a) resulted when a supernova shock wave caused a nebula to condense and spin
b) was formed when stray planets spontaneously began to orbit the sun
c) was formed from matter left by a passing comet

The planets were formed, according to theory
a) when some condensing gas revolving around the sun collapsed into masses too small to become stars
b) when passing asteroids were captured by the sun's gravity and accreted into planets
c) when a passing comet left a trail of material

The nebular theory is that
a) the solar system formed from a nebula
b) Earth is a nebula
c) the solar system will expand into a nebula

According to nebular theory, Earth and other planets formed due to a process called
a) accretion
b) desnisty stratification
c) transplantation

The process by which matter became layered according to density during Earth's formation, with heavier matter near the core and lighter material near the crust is called
a) density stratification
b) accretion
c) transplantation

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