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What are the two basic kinds of energy?
a) kinetic and thermal
b) thermal and mechanic
c) kinetic and potential
d) potential and electrical

The energy of an object due to motion is called what?
a) kinetic
b) chemical
c) thermal
d) potential

Potential energy related to an objects height is called what?
a) elastic potential energy
b) mechanical potential energy
c) tall potential energy
d) gravitational potential energy

Potential energy associated with objects that can be stressed or compressed is called what?
a) gravitational potential energy
b) thermal potential energy
c) elastic potential energy
d) mechanical potential energy

Stored energy is called what?
a) Potential energy
b) nuclear energy
c) kinetic energy
d) electromagnetic energy

What is energy?
a) The ability to cause movement
b) The ability to do work or cause change
c) The ability to perform difficult tasks
d) The ability to run long distances

What factors affect kinetic energy
a) mass and velocity
b) height and weight
c) velocity and height
d) height and mass

What factors affect gravitational potential energy?
a) height and velocity
b) weight and direction
c) height and weight
d) mass and velocity

Which of the following is NOT a form of energy?
a) ultraviolet
b) nuclear
c) thermal
d) mechanical

Which type of potential energy is stored in the nucleus of and atom
a) thermal
b) chemical
c) nuclear energy
d) electromagnetic energy

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