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Express the following as a unit rate. 800 meters every 20 seconds.
a) 40 meters per second
b) 50 meters per second
c) 0.25 meters per second
d) 0.50 meters per second

3 yards = _____ inches
a) 21
b) 27
c) 108
d) 30

A stride is 3 yards long and 1 foot long. Which of the following is an equivalent ratio?
a) 11 yards to 2 feet
b) 4 yards to 4 feet
c) 7 yards to 9 feet
d) 9 yards to 3 feet

Nicks cell phone is 12 centimeters long. How many millimeters long is his phone?
a) 120 millimeters
b) 1.2 millimeters
c) 0.12 millimeters
d) 1,200 millimeters

James needs to fill a container with 3 quarts of water, but he only has cups. How many cups does he need to fill the container?
a) 10 cups
b) 12 cups
c) 14 cups
d) 16 cups

Jake has 2 cats for every 4 dogs in his house. How many dogs does he have if he has 12 cats?
a) 3 cats
b) 6 cats
c) 12 cats
d) 24 cats

How fast would I be going if I made it 50 miles in 5 hours?
a) 10 miles per hour
b) 5 miles per hour
c) 11 miles per hour
d) 250 miles per hour

24 quarts = _____________ gallons
a) 8 gallons
b) 3 gallons
c) 6 gallons
d) 12 gallons

5 quarts = ________ cups
a) 20 cups
b) 16 cups
c) 12 cups
d) 8 cups

How far will I be in 3 hours if I was traveling at 100 miles per hour
a) 299 miles
b) 33.3 miles
c) 200 miles
d) 300 miles

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