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Ther period when revolutionary courts were set up to prosecute internal enemies and close to 40,000 people were killed was called the...
a) Reign of Terror
b) Reign of Louis XVI
c) Rain on the Plain mainly in Spain
d) Reign of Horrors

In its attempts to create a new order that releted its belief in reason, the National Convention...
a) pursued a policy of dechristianization.
b) only had the books written by Enlightenment authors sold in shops.
c) women joined the military to serve along side of men.
d) established price limits on goods considered necessities.

The death of Robespierre was...
a) when the Reign of Terror came to a halt.
b) when the guillotined was first used.
c) a suicide.
d) a cold bloody murder.

The Directory was overthrown (a coup d'etat) by...
a) Napoleon Bonaparte
b) Maximilien Robespierre.
c) Jean-Paul Marat
d) Committee of Public Safety

Jean-Paul Marat was a revolutionary who published a radical journal and...
a) was stabbed to death in his bathtub.
b) received a law degree and later became a member of the National Convention.
c) was the leader of the Committe of Public Safety.
d) seized power from The Directory.

Napoleon, after leading the French army, at 30 years of age...
a) held absolute power of the French republic in 1799.
b) became the father of the future king of France.
c) recieved a royal scholarship to study at a military school in France.
d) became os captain.

In 1802, Napoleon was made consul for life. Two years later, he...
a) crowned himself Emperor Napoleon I.
b) died.
c) became the best ice cream and doughnut known to man.
d) rose quicly through the ranks of the French army.

On of Napoleon's first moves was to establish peace with the...
a) Catholic Church.
b) Russia.
c) England.
d) Protestant Church.

Napoleon's greatest domestic achievement was his...
a) codification of the laws, to include the Civil Code, or Napoleonic Code.
b) ability to distribute the wealth of the nobility to the Third Estate.
c) crowning of his wife Josephine.
d) consulate of the First and Second Estates.

Napoleon opened government careers to individuals...
a) based on their ability.
b) who could pay the taille.
c) who were from the Second Estate.
d) who were landowners.

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