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A Review Of The Cell Cycle. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

A segment of DNA that codes for RNA and protein is a ______________________.
a) gene
b) chromosome
c) chromatid
d) centromere

The first three phases of the life cycle of a cell are called __________________.
a) interphase
b) anaphase
c) the first gap phase
d) the first synthesis phase

What is the process during which the nucleus is divided into two nuclei?
a) mitosis
b) the cell cycle
c) cytokinesis
d) nucleosome

The phase of cell division when the cytoplasm is divided is called ____________.
a) cytokinesis
b) the synthesis phase
c) the second gap phase
d) the first gap phase

During which phase of mitosis do chromatids line up along the equator of the dividing cell?
a) metaphase
b) anaphase
c) interphase
d) prophase

What happens after the C phase (cytokinesis)?
a) The new cells enter G1.
b) Nothing
c) The new cells enter prophase.
d) The new cells grow until they become very large.

____________ is a group of diseases caused by uncontrolled cell growth.
a) Cancer
b) Apoptosis
c) p53
d) Death

The network of microtubules that pulls chromatids to the poles as a cell is dividing is called the ______________.
a) spindle
b) cytoskeleton
c) microtubule network
d) mitotic fiber

Sister chromatids attach to each other in the region called the ________________.
a) centromere
b) centrosome
c) nucleosome
d) center

What is the name of the structure that is only found in a dividing animal cell?
a) centriole
b) a spindle
c) sister chromatids
d) centrosomes

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