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30 miles in 5 hours can be written as the following unit rate.
a) 30 miles per hour
b) 30 miles per 5 hours
c) 5 miles per hour
d) 6 miles per hour

Grant drove 200 miles on 4 gallons of gas. How many miles per gallon does his car get?
a) 30 miles per gallon
b) 50 miles per gallon
c) 200 miles per gallon
d) 40 miles per gallon

Chris scored 21 goals in 3 soccer games. At this rate, how many goals did he score each game?
a) 4 goals
b) 3 goals
c) 7 goals
d) 63 goals

Find the unit rate for the following: 55miles/11hours
a) 5 miles per hour
b) 50 miles per hour
c) 11 miles per hour
d) 55 miles per hour

Over a period of 4 hours, 180 drops fell in the sink. At this rate, how many drops fell in one hour?
a) 90 drops per hour
b) 45 drops per hour
c) 0.0222 drops per hour
d) 32400 drops per hour

8,000pounds = __________ tons
a) 4 tons
b) 80 tons
c) 40 tons
d) 4000 tons

Sydney’s car can go 90 miles on one tank of gas. If Sydney’s tank holds 20 gallons, what are Sydney’s miles per gallon (mpg).
a) 20 mpg
b) 4.5 mpg
c) 5 mpg
d) 30 mpg

985 kilograms = ____________ grams
a) 0.985 grams
b) 9.85 grams
c) 98500 grams
d) 985000 grams

The celing fan is exactly 12 meters off the ground. How far off the ground is it in centimeters?
a) 1200 cm
b) 120 cm
c) 12 cm
d) 1.2cm

Convert the following: 1.2 kilometers = _________ meters = ____________ centimeters
a) 120 meters ; 120,000 centimeters
b) 1,200 meters ; 12,000 centimeters
c) 1,200 meters ; 120,000 centimeters
d) 1,200 meters ; 1,200,000 centimeters

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