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A plan listing income and expenses
a) business
b) barter
c) budget
d) boycott

Education and Training affect this
a) production
b) barter
c) boycott
d) all of the above

Jobs in an area due to resources
a) employer
b) salary
c) common careers
d) unemployment

The amount of goods or service produced in a given period of time
a) salary
b) profit
c) barter
d) productivity

This is the choices a person makes on their use of money and resources
a) taxes
b) personal spending
c) worker
d) employee

This is a crop grown to be sold for a profit
a) fur trade
b) planation
c) crop rotation
d) cash crop

The act of trying to win or gain something from others
a) competition
b) consolidation
c) cooperation
d) conquistador

Use natural resources, money, and knowledge to produce goods and services
a) employee
b) employer
c) economy
d) employment

a) To send goods to other countries for sale or use
b) To bring goods in from other countries
c) impressment
d) rise in cost

A rise in the usual price of goods and services
a) taxation
b) discrimination
c) inflation
d) production

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