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This word means to mix completely by separating into particles that cannot be seen
a) dissolve
b) destroy
c) decompose
d) delete

This is a measure of how much a substance can dissolve in another substance
a) temperature
b) solubility
c) reaction
d) solids

All of the following are examples of chemical changes EXCEPT:
a) burning a piece of wood
b) a firework exploding
c) metal rusting on a swingset
d) putting on different clothing

A chemical change occurs when
a) there is a change in matter that produces a new kind of matter with different properties.
b) there is only a phyical change you can see.
c) there is a mixture of particles.
d) there are solids that become vapors.

In a chemical reaction, the newly formed matter is the
a) mass
b) product
c) solution
d) temperature

The ability to cause change is called
a) dissolving
b) removing
c) energy
d) liberty

If we put an antacid tablet into water and it begins to dissolve and release bubbles, we are seeing
a) a mixture
b) a physical change
c) a chemical change
d) a state of matter

If I take colored pebbles of various sizes and pass them through a filter or net, they will separate according to
a) their physical properties
b) their chemical properties
c) their temperature
d) their solubility

Which of theses is NOT a physical change?
a) cutting a sandwich into four small pieces
b) a cake baking in the oven.
c) chocolate melting in your pocket on a hot day
d) breaking a vase by accidentally knocking it off the table

Raising the temperature of 55 grams of liquid H2O could cause it to change
a) its mass
b) its elements and particles
c) its state of matter
d) its mixture

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