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Study Guide For Chap 5.[print questions]

These are changes in the size, shape, or state of matter that does NOT change it into a new kind of matter:
a) physical changes
b) chemical changes
c) matter changes
d) atom changes

In our lab, we learned that all of the following are physical changes we can do to paper EXCEPT:
a) cutting it
b) writing on it
c) burning it
d) folding it

When you melt a piece of ice you are
a) chemcially changing the matter into something new
b) only adding matter to the ice
c) making its molecules move closer and closer together
d) only changing the state of matter by adding heat

The total energy of the particles of matter is
a) heat energy
b) thermal energy
c) solid energy
d) matter energy

When heat is added to matter, these things will happen:
a) the matter will expand and the particles will move faster and faster.
b) the matter will shrink and the particles will shrink too.
c) the matter will contract and the particles will move very very slowly.
d) the matter will chemically change and the particles will be brand new.

The measurement of how hot or cold matter is and the speed of particle movement is:
a) solar energy
b) chemical energy
c) temperature
d) the metric system

We use this tool to measure temperature -
a) hand lens
b) balance scale
c) goggles
d) thermometer

We measure temperature in units called
a) centimeters
b) degrees
c) kilograms
d) beams

This is matter that is made up of two or more substances that are combined physically but keep their own properties
a) compound
b) set
c) mixture
d) experiment

This is a mixture in which the particles of the parts are mixed together thoroughly and evenly
a) solution
b) liquid
c) solving
d) separation

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