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Convergent tectonic plates move very slowly and sometimes form
a) mountains
b) rivers
c) valleys
d) lakes

The volcanoes of the world are mostly found near
a) deserts
b) polar ice caps
c) outer core
d) plate boundaries

The majority of the European and Asian continent are found on the
a) North American Plate
b) Nazca Plate
c) Eurasian Plate
d) Pacific Plate

Rift Valleys and the Mid-ocean ridges, occur with the seperation of continental plate boundaries. This type of boundary is known as
a) convergent plate boundaries
b) divergent plate boundaries
c) transform boundaries
d) convection boundaries

The type of plate boundary that exists near San Francisco, California, producing a large amount of earthquakes by sliding past each other is know as a
a) transform plate boundary
b) divergent plate boundary
c) convergent plate boundary
d) earthquake boundary

The plates of the Earth float on what layer
a) core
b) asthenosphere
c) crust
d) the purple layer

What happens to the crust at a divergent plate boundary?
a) New crust is formed
b) Crust is destroyed
c) not this one!
d) not this one!

The major plates of the Earth are
a) North American, African, Indo-Australian, Scotia, Juan de Fuca, Nazca
b) North American, African, Indo-Australian, South American, Pacific Plate, Eurasian, Antarctic
c) North Amerian, Juan De Fuca, Nazca, Arctic, Arabian, Scotia, Japanese
d) blue

What is the name of the giant landmass that once contained all of the continents?
a) Africa
b) Pangaea
c) Eurasia
d) Pandaland

What are the circular patterns of heat that travel in the Earth's mantle called?
a) magma currents
b) radiation currents
c) conduction currents
d) convection currents

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