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When waves reach water that is shallower than 1/2 their wavelength, they are in the _____.
a) breaker zone
b) undertow
c) longshore currents
d) whitecaps

To calculate wave speed, you must
a) divide the wavelength by the wave period.
b) multiply the wavelength by the wave period.
c) divide wave period by wavelength
d) multiply wave period by wave length.

When the moon's gravity is pulling ocean water into a bulge, that area is experiencing _____.
a) high tide
b) low tide
c) turbulent water
d) storm surges

The moon is _____ more slowly than the Earth is _______.
a) revolving, rotating
b) rotating, revolving
c) none of the above.
d) both a and b.

This is actually the most destructive part of a hurricane.
a) storm surge
b) high winds
c) tsunamis
d) lightning

El Nino can cause
a) flash floods
b) mudslides
c) drought in normally wet areas
d) all of the above

Deep currents are _______ than surface currents.
a) colder
b) warmer
c) less dense
d) faster

Deep currents are _______ than surface currents.
a) denser
b) less dense
c) faster
d) warmer

A ship would most likely sail on this type of wave.
a) swell
b) tsunami
c) breakers
d) whitecaps

Longshore currents transports _______ throughout beach environments.
a) sediments
b) colder water
c) undertows
d) warmer water

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