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Compared to deep ocean currents, surface currents are
a) less dense and warmer
b) less dense and colder
c) warmer and denser
d) colder and denser

Surface currents change directions when they deflect of these
a) continents
b) deep ocean currents
c) ships
d) waves

This current takes sand and other particles from the shore out to sea
a) undertow
b) upwelling
c) deep ocean currents
d) longshore current

El Nino
a) has many effects on both organisms and land.
b) all of the above
c) appears every 25 years.
d) has only positive effects.

These currents move relatively parallel with the shore.
a) Longshore currents
b) Surface currents
c) Deep Ocean currents
d) Undertows

The _____ is the highest part of a wave.
a) crest
b) swell
c) ridge
d) trough

The ______ is the lowest part of a wave.
a) trough
b) whitecap
c) valley
d) crest

The greatest tidal ranges occur during
a) spring tides
b) winter
c) summer
d) neap tides

Some areas have unusually warm climates for their latitude, this can be attributed to ____.
a) Surface Currents
b) El Nino
c) deep ocean currents
d) The Gulf Stream

The distance from either trough to trough or from crest to crest is called
a) wave length
b) longshore currents
c) swells
d) wave height

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