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Words or phrases that tap into our senses
a) images
b) setting
c) tone
d) mood

Method an author uses to tell you what a character is like=
a) appearance
b) soliloquy
c) direct characterization
d) indirect characterization

When an author tells you what a character is like=
a) direct characterization
b) indirect characterization
c) action
d) characterization

The process of how a writer reveals a character
a) dramatic monologue
b) characterization
c) indirect characterization
d) tone

dry; lacking water to grow plants
a) futile
b) clarity
c) arid
d) impoverished

poor;poverty stricken
a) placidly
b) malicious
c) impoverished
d) contrition

a) malicious
b) clarity
c) placidly
d) arid

a) malicious
b) futile
c) poignantly
d) placidly

showing desire to ham another
a) poignantly
b) malicious
c) futile
d) contrition

Lizbeth's attack on Miss Lottie could be considered-
a) futile
b) poignant
c) contrite
d) malicious

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