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Which landform change is a result of a constructive force?
a) A volcano forming a new island.
b) An earthquake opening up the ground.
c) Ocean waves eating away a sea cliff.
d) A glacier scraping a mountain side

Which statement is a quantitative observation?
a) Alexis poured one liter of water onto the plateau in the stream table.
b) All mountains experience erosion of some kind.
c) Erosion will cause mountains to become shorter.
d) The soil we used was a brown color.

Erosion is caused by ___.
a) All of These ways
b) wind
c) ice
d) water

Which of these factors would not change the surface of the earth?
a) fog
b) wind
c) rainfall
d) glaciers

What causes tides?
a) Gravity from the sun and moon pulling on the Earth.
b) Earth\'s gravity
c) The moon\'s gravity
d) The sun\'s gravity

How many continents are on Earth?
a) 7
b) 13
c) 50
d) 6

I think a mountain of rocks will not erode as fast as a mountain of dirt. This is an example of...
a) A hypothesis
b) quantitative observation
c) measuring
d) classifying

A ____ is a large flat area of land.
a) plain
b) island
c) valley
d) mountain

A ___ is a moving mass of ice.
a) glacier
b) peninsula
c) delta
d) island

How does erosion work?
a) Wind or water carries away rocks, sand, dirt
b) A volcano erupts
c) Sand builds up causing a sandbar.
d) The earth shakes when the plates collide.

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