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Competition for food is another interaction that occurs among species. How does competition affect the competing species?
a) both benefit from the interaction
b) both are harmed by the interaction
c) one benefits and one is harmed by the interaction
d) one benefits and the other is unaffected by the interaction

Barnecles are crustaceans. The barnacles are transported to new feeding grounds without affecting the whale. This process is an example of...
a) predation
b) mutualism
c) parasitism
d) commensalism

Which of the following abiotic factors is most likely to influence the makeup of an ecosystem?
a) a long drought that endangers many of the plants
b) a disease that destroys the levels of a certain tree
c) a disease that attacks a tertiary consumer species
d) a change of seasons from spring to summer

Which of the following is the primary source of energy in the food web?
a) producers
b) the sun
c) herbivores
d) primary consumers

Few food chains have more than five levels. This is because....
a) there are too many types of producers to separate them into another level
b) tertiary consumers can eat only secondary consumers
c) most secondary consumers have only one type of predator
d) very little energy is available for a consumer's use beyond four levels

Which of the following occurs during the composting process?
a) decomposers break down dead plant and animal matter into nutrients that provide chemical energy
b) decomposers make the chemical energy in biomass available to plants
c) biomass changes the sun's energy to chemical energy
d) biomass decays and rots, so its energy is no longer useful

Which factor contributes the most to the stability of the biotic factors in an ecosystem?
a) temperature
b) biodiversity
c) rainfall
d) human activity

Why wouldn't you expect to find woodpeckers in a grassland biome?
a) grasslands are too hot for woodpeckers to survive
b) woodpeckers need to live in a biome where there's little rain
c) grasslands are too cold for woodpeckers to survive
d) woodpeckers need food and shelter in the trees, which grasslands don't have many of

Which of the following is a valid hypothesis?
a) geology is the most interesting field of science
b) no insect in the world has four eyes
c) how does the human heart pump blood to the rest of the body
d) heat moves more quickly through metals than nonmetals

Which of the following tools would be the most useful in observing the craters on the moon?
a) a microscope
b) a telescope
c) a hand lens
d) a computer

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