Dangerous Game Vocab Question Preview (ID: 859)

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becoming more distant
a) prolonged
b) receding
c) disarming
d) diverting

removing or lessening suspicions or fears
a) receding
b) disarming
c) unruffled
d) invariably

a) disarming
b) protruding
c) prolonged
d) imprudent

calm; not disturbed
a) diverting
b) unruffled
c) protruding
d) impulse

sudden desire to do something
a) impulse
b) invariably
c) receding
d) protruding

sticking out
a) disarming
b) invariably
c) protruding
d) prolonged

The order in which events unfold in real time-
a) chronological order
b) logical order
c) realistic order
d) timed order

resolution is sometimes called-
a) climax
b) wrap up
c) exposition
d) denouement

when and where a story takes place
a) images
b) setting
c) plot
d) atmosphere

this can affect the way we feel in a story
a) dialogue
b) tone
c) background
d) mood

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