Dante's Inferno Question Preview (ID: 8586)

Review Cantos 1-3.[print questions]

Who sent a guide for Dante's journey?
a) Beatrice
b) Dante's father
c) Virgil
d) Dante's mother

Dante faced what creatures when he reached the edge of the forest?
a) Leopard, lion, she wolf
b) Lion, tiger, she wolf
c) leopard, cougar, she wolf
d) Cougar, Lynx, she wolf

The place where those who wait to be judged is called
a) Limbo
b) Pathos
c) Cheron
d) Styx

The boat man who carries the doomed souls into hell is named...
a) Cheron
b) Minos
c) Cerberus
d) Virgil

The sinners of lust were doomed to an eternity
a) being tossed around in a violent storm
b) trapped in the Styx Marsh
c) locked in the City Din
d) being burned in the desert

Above the gates of hell there is a sign that said to Abandon All
a) hope
b) love
c) strength
d) help

Dante was filled with joy when Virgil called him...
a) son
b) savior
c) strong
d) saved

The gluttons were in hell for their love of ...
a) food
b) sex
c) money
d) power

The sinners who were in hell for love of money were called
a) misers and squanderers
b) greedy and loose
c) mourners and squalers
d) squanderers and scrooges

The theme of the Divine Comedy is MOST likely
a) To evaluate your life and repent of your sins
b) That taking a long adventure needs a guide
c) To laugh at all your enemys
d) that Dante wanted us all to have a good laugh at our enemys

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