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What are llanos?
a) mountains in the Andes
b) an animal related to the llama
c) flat lands in South America
d) peope who live in Latin America

In the moview we watched, they could not find El Dorado for these reasons EXCEPT
a) The rainforest was to thick
b) His equipment was too old
c) He could not find a place to land
d) It is a myth

A subsidence is
a) the sinking of the ground
b) an oil spill
c) also deforestation
d) the use of pesticides

WHich country has it's people vote on each and every law that they create?
a) Colombia
b) French Guiana
c) Venezuela
d) Guyana

What are insurgents?
a) Rebels
b) athletes
c) doctors
d) an animal

What country has CNN news been mentioning having a major conflict in their region?
a) England
b) Iraq
c) Syria
d) Iran

What New York Knick point guard is making headlines for starring on his team after being cut by two other teams previously?
a) Shaquille O'Neal
b) Jeremy Lin
c) Carmelo Anthony
d) Lebron James

Which coin is the most expensive to make according to CNN news?
a) penny
b) nickel
c) dime
d) quarter

What is the name of the host of CNN News?
a) Carl Heinen
b) Carl Azuz
c) Carl Malone
d) Simon Bolivar

What grade should you hope to get on this test?
a) D
b) C
c) B
d) A

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