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These are all natural resources in this region except
a) oil
b) gold
c) bananas
d) cheese

Parralel mountain ranges in the Andes are called
a) cordilleras
b) llanos
c) lorax
d) hills

Which of these countries has a space program?
a) Colombia
b) French Guiana
c) Venezuela
d) Suriname

All of these languages are spoken in this area except
a) French
b) Spanish
c) English
d) Russian

Which of thes are not an environmental problem in this region?
a) Over run by cats
b) Oil spills
c) Deforestation
d) Pesticides

Who is a famous leader from Venezuela?
a) Simon Cowell
b) Simon Bolivar
c) Rod Carew
d) Gheorge Murhesan

Who was forced into slavery by the Spanish to search for gold?
a) British and Spaniards
b) Cats and Dogs
c) Africans and Native Americans
d) French and Latins

Terraced farming is
a) growing potatos
b) growing crops on a mountain side
c) placing crops in straight rows
d) watching a minor league baseball game

A place where plants and animals rely on each other for survival is known as an/a
a) ecosystem
b) desert
c) solar system
d) Mrs. Habel's classroom

What is Latin America?
a) Countries that speak Latin
b) Countries that were influenced by Spain, Portugal and France who used to speak Latin
c) The area between the United States and Panama
d) Secret countries that we should never talk about!

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