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Which is NOT a country in South America?
a) Colombia
b) Guyana
c) Mexico
d) Suriname

What are paramilitaries?
a) Two Armies
b) Armies with only two people
c) Armies run by the government
d) Armies not run the the government

Which sports are popular in this region?
a) Soccer and Baseball
b) Basketball and Football
c) Cricket and Basketball
d) Tennis and Rugby

This area is so diverse because people came from all of these continents except
a) Asia
b) Austrailia
c) Europe
d) Africa

What is the major religion in this area?
a) Hindu
b) Baptist
c) Buddist
d) Catholic

What are the large mountain regions in South America?
a) Andes
b) Himalayas
c) Appalacians
d) Rockies

Most people live in the mountains because
a) crops are easier to grow
b) it is easier to breath
c) it is cooler
d) it is warmer

The "Lost City of Gold" is
a) El Davido
b) El Erbino
c) El Camino
d) El Dorado

These countries all have a government similar to the United States except
a) French Guiana
b) Suriname
c) Guyana
d) Colombia

What is a major reason for conflict in this area?
a) The animals in this area fight
b) The Giants winning the Super Bowl
c) The people in this region speak many different languages
d) The food in this area does not taste good

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