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We received supplies and soldiers from France to help in this war.
a) Viet Nam War
b) Revolutionary War
c) Civil War

This term means the Constitution protects individual rights
a) self government
b) limited government
c) government agency
d) branches of government

These are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
a) Individual Rights
b) Limited Government
c) Responsibilities
d) Religions

This term refers to a person who supported the American Revolution
a) Loyalist
b) Patriot
c) Quaker
d) Puritan

This was the method hindered trade in America
a) trade barriers
b) tariffs
c) emabargos
d) all of the above

This type of government allows powers to be seperated and leaders selected by voting
a) Representative Government
b) Dictatorship
c) Monarchy
d) All of the above

This is a responsibility
a) voice opinions
b) monitor government & Vote
c) run for office or support candidates
d) All of the above

This was a colonist who supported Great Britain
a) Loyalist
b) Patriot
c) Democrat
d) Republican

A person who studies tools, bones, and remiand of ancient people
a) civilization
b) loyalist
c) archaelosgist
d) entomologist

A special feast at which guests receive gifts
a) totem
b) potlatch
c) birthday party
d) sachem

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