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I was looking for a route to Asia. I explored the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Rivers.
a) Henry Hudson
b) Marco Polo
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Pnce de Leon

I founded Quebec. I was the first to reach one of the great lakes.
a) The African Americans
b) The Vikings
c) Samuel de Champlain
d) Ponce de Leon

I am a person who searched for the fountain of youth and found Florida.
a) Columbus
b) Champlain
c) Cartier
d) Ponce de Leon

Came to America and brought diseases to America that killed many Native Americans.
a) Henry Cabot
b) Henry Hudson
c) Hernando De Soto
d) Christopher Columbus

Italian sailor who searched for Indies by sailing west. Queen Isabella of Spain paid for trip.
a) Henry Hudson
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Hernando De Soto
d) Ponce de Leon

Spanish conquistador who over took Tenochtitlan and Montctezuma and the Aztec.
a) Hernan Cortes
b) Hernando De Soto
c) Ponce de Leon
d) Christopher Columbus

England hired me to find a shorter route to Asia. I found Newfoundland and the great fish areas.
a) Henry Cabot
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Ponce deLeon
d) Monteczuma

I was the first person to see the Grand Canyon
a) Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
b) Ponce de Leon
c) Christopher Columbus
d) henry Cabot

We were the first explorers to reach North America and created settlements in Iceland and Greenland.
a) Spanish
b) French
c) Vikings
d) Conquistadors

I am a Spanish conqueror who came to America in the 1500's
a) missionary
b) slave trader
c) immigrant
d) conquistador

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