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I was the successful leader of Jamestown.I said
a) John Smith
b) John Booth
c) John Dickinson
d) John White

I was oldest delegate to the convention. I wrote poor Richard's Almanac.
a) Ben Franklin
b) George Mason
c) George Madison
d) George Blythe

I was the Father of the Declaration
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) James Madison
d) George Mason

I was the Father of the Constitution
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) James Madsion
d) George Mason

I went against the Puritan leaders. I thought we should tolerate all religions.
a) Roger Williams
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Patrick Henry
d) NAthaniel Bacon

I was an enslaved poet who wrote about African's natural rights.
a) Deborah Sampson
b) Phyllis Wheatley
c) Dolly Madison
d) Ruby Bridges

I was part of the Great Awakining
a) George Whitefield
b) Abigail Adams
c) Dolly Madison
d) John Smith

I was a writer during the American Revolution and wrote about the history of this event.
a) Dolly Madison
b) Deborah Sampson
c) Abigail Adams
d) Mercy Otis Warren

I said give me liberty or give me death
a) John Smith
b) Patrick Henry
c) John Dickinson
d) Ben Franklin

I was the first governor of the Puritan Settlement. I was a member of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
a) John Winthrop
b) John Dickinson
c) John Smith
d) John Blair

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