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I was a Constitutional Convention and spoke about limited power of government, against slavery and for a Bill of Rights.
a) Ben Franklin
b) Rufus King
c) George Washington
d) George Mason

I wrote the pamphlet Common Sense
a) Thomas Paine
b) John White
c) Henry Hudson
d) Paul Revere

I declared the British are Coming
a) Marquid de Lafayette
b) Paul Revere
c) John Adams
d) Thomas Jefferson

I was an American painter.
a) John Singer Sargent
b) William Paterson
c) Willian Penn
d) Paul Revere

I was king of England and demanded colonist pay our debt after the war with France.
a) King Tut
b) King Philip
c) Martin Luther King
d) King George III

I made the second attempt at settling in America. I went for supplies and when I returned my colony was \
a) John White
b) John Dickinson
c) John F. Kennedy
d) John Smith

I led troops during Revolution, survived Valley Forge, and presided over the Constitutional Convention.
a) Ponce de Leon
b) George Washington
c) Ben Franklin
d) Patrick Henry

I was a Quaker (Society of Friends) who established a settlement in Pennsylvania.
a) Thomas Paine
b) George Whitfield
c) Mercy Otis Warren
d) William Penn

I was a French explorer looking for the Northwest Passage & traveled down the St. Lawrence River.
a) Jacques Cartier
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Marco Polo
d) Ponce de Leon

I disagreed with the Puritans, telling them to follow the Bible. I was banned and moved to Rhode Island.
a) Deborah Sampson
b) Otis Mercy Warren
c) Anne Hutchison
d) Dolly Madison

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