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The invention of the stirrup by the Huns allowed them to
a) ride faster on their horses
b) stand in the saddle to see their enemies
c) use their weapons while riding horses
d) avoid falling off their horses

Machines designed for war were mass-produced for the first time for
a) World War I
b) the Korean War
c) World War II
d) the Cold War

Which of the following was a member of the Non-Aligned Community?
a) Poland
b) Italy
c) Yugoslavia
d) Romania

A main goal of the Marshall Plan was to
a) help rebuild Europe after World War II
b) increase productivity in the United States
c) support countries engaged in fighting communism inside their borders
d) make Germany pay for World War II

World War II came to an end when
a) the United States captured Berlin
b) the Allies defeated Germany
c) the Allies defeated Italy
d) the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan

Sputnik I was the first
a) spacecraft to orbit the moon
b) spacecraft to orbit the earth
c) Amercian Spacecraft
d) Soviet space station

Before the United States joined during World War II, the Allies were Berlin, France, and
a) China
b) Switzerland
c) Spain
d) Italy

The Berlin Airlift was done to
a) stop the spread of communism
b) free Germany from communist control
c) free East Berlin from communist control
d) defeat the Soviet blockade

Which country was once split into communist and democratic parts but is now reunited?
a) Russia
b) Czecholovakia
c) Germany
d) the Soviet Union

What was the World War II alliance of Germany, Italy, and Japan called?
a) the Nazis
b) the Axis Powers
c) the Warsaw Pact
d) Germany

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