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Dwight works at Modells. A customer asks " how much does this Steelers jersey cost?" Dwight says, "who me?", then says it is $50 with a 30% discount. What is the sale price?
a) $20
b) $15
c) $65
d) $35

Yasmeen buys the DVD "Big Bang Theory" for $20. In Philadelphia, there is 8% tax. How much does she pay for tax?
a) $28
b) $12
c) $21.60
d) $1.60

Warner decided to take lessons to become a clown. The lessons cost $15 with a 10% discount. How much does he pay?
a) $1.50
b) $13.50
c) $14.90
d) $15.10

Efua and Ngozi go to McDonalds. They each order 1 item off the $1 menu. How much will they pay with 8% tax?
a) $2.16
b) $.16
c) $2.08
d) $54

Mec Mec is angry because she has to pay 10% tax in NY. She is ready to give the clerk the biz-ack hand, but instead pays it on a $70 item. How much tax did she pay?
a) $80
b) $60
c) $7
d) $70.10

Nefa, Adama, Isiah, and Abuhena take an art class since they are obsessed with drawing. The class cost $80 with a 25% discount. How much does the class cost?
a) $77.75
b) $80.25
c) $20
d) $60

Jade buys a singing tie for $20 with 6% tax. How much does she pay?
a) $26
b) $21.20
c) $14
d) $1.20

Hanane eats at a restaurant. The service is poor, so she only leaves a 5% tip on a $50 bill. What tip did she leave?
a) $55
b) $2.50
c) $25
d) $45

Yiron buys a new dress for $40. How much does she pay if there is 7% tax?
a) $47
b) $2.80
c) $37.20
d) $42.80

Mr. Hunn makes an album of rap, but he charges so much the people say this is crap! He lowers the price, with free rice. The price was $20, but with a sale of 40% holla!
a) $12
b) $28
c) $60
d) $80

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