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The story A Dangerous Game is mostly about-
a) two friends on a hunting trip gone wrong
b) hunting big game animals
c) man being hunted by man
d) man vs nature

The story A Christmas Memory is mostly about-
a) a collection of Christmas memories.
b) two odd friends and spirit of giving.
c) a crazy old woman and her dog.
d) fruitcake weather.

The story Marigolds is mostly about-
a) a young lady coming of age.
b) Marigold flowers that are destroyed
c) children in the Depression
d) Mrs. Lottie

The story Interlopers is mostly about-
a) a hunting trip gone wrong.
b) an accident in the woods
c) wolves
d) two enemies that settle a fued

The "all knowing" narrator is
a) omniscient
b) first person
c) third person
d) voice

The overall style and use of language that identifies an author is-
a) omniscient
b) tone
c) voice
d) first person

When an author tells a story from a he/she perspective of one character it is called-
a) first person
b) thrid person
c) tone
d) omniscient

When a story is narrated from an "I" perspective it is called-
a) first person narrator
b) third person narrator
c) omniscient
d) tone

The attitude an author takes toward a person, subject, or idea is called-
a) first person narrator
b) third person narrator
c) omniscient
d) tone

A device authors use to set the mood and atmosphere of a setting is-
a) tone
b) mood
c) images
d) atmosphere

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