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Civil War.[print questions]

Who won the battle of Vicksburg
a) The Confederacy, they stood strong and beatht he Union
b) The Confederacy, they slipped supplies past the Union blockade
c) The Union, they choked the city and took it away from the Confederacy
d) The Union, They used night raids to scare the people of the city into surrendering

This issue was argued from the start of the U.S., to the point that it was left out of the Constitution
a) Abortion
b) Secession
c) Slavery
d) Nullification

What candidate represented the party known to defend slavery
a) John Bell Democrat
b) Stephen Douglas Constitutional
c) John Bell Constitutional
d) Stephen Douglas Democrat

The correct definiton of freedmen is _________
a) Former Slave from the Confederacy
b) Group of Men who fought to become free
c) Man that is free
d) Former Slave

Southern Republicans who supported reconstruction were refered to as________
a) Carpetbaggers
b) Scalawags
c) Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins
d) Whipper Snappers

This form of Music developed in the Delta region of the state.
a) Jazz
b) Polka
c) Rock
d) Blues

Northern Republicans were refered to as ________
a) Conservatives
b) Reconstructionist
c) Scalawags
d) Carpet Baggers

This U.S. ironclad gunboat was sunk during the battle of Vicksburg
a) USS Mississippi
b) USS Cairo
c) USS Arizona
d) USS Alabama

This section of the country was aquired by Thomas Jefferson in a massive purchase deal
a) Nevada
b) California
c) Louisiana
d) Oregon

Mr. Taylor can be referred to as________
a) A wonderful and briliant person
b) A wonderful person
c) A briliant person
d) A nice person

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