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Why was Vicksburg an important city?
a) It held a large Confederate arsenal
b) It had a strategic location on the MS River, and whoever controlled the river could move supplies.
c) It was the Confederate Capital
d) It was the Union Capital

Where was the first battle of the Civil War?
a) Vicksburg after it was attacked by the Union army
b) Ft. Sumter after it was attacked by John Brown
c) Gettysburg after it was attacked by the Confederate army
d) Ft. Sumter that held a Federal arsenal and was attacked by Confederate Troops

What did the emancipation proclomation do?
a) Freed all slaves in the country
b) Freed slaves living in the south
c) Freed slaves living in the north
d) Freed all slaves who owned land

The souths decision to nullify laws was based on _________?
a) Slavery, they planned to ignore the government if they made slavery illegal.
b) Slavery, they planned to make slavery legal during the harvest season
c) The compromise of 1850, they knew they needed to do something to protect slavery in the south.
d) The Compromise of 1850, they knew they had to reject the Democrats decisions.

Secession can be described as________
a) Leaving the North
b) Withdrawal from the Union
c) Forming a southern country
d) Making new laws

What deal was reached during the Compromise of 1850?
a) California became a free state, while Missouri became a slave state
b) The country was made completely free
c) Every state became a slave state.
d) California became a free state, while the Southern states were given a stronger fugitive slave law.

Which of these is not a part of President Johnsons reconstruction plan
a) Southern states repeal their secession ordinances
b) Southern states repeal void their war debt
c) Southern states sign the Emancipation Proclamation
d) Southern states ratify the 13th amendment

Which of these is not true about the Constitution of 1890
a) All male citizens had to register at least 4 months before an election
b) All male citizens had to pay a six dollar poll tax
c) Citizens had to live in the state for 2 years and the election district for 1 year
d) Voters had to read and understand a section of the U.S. constitution

What did Democrates do to discourage blacks from voting after the Constitution of 1868?
a) Whites would not allow blacks into the polls to vote
b) Whites would use violent organizations such as the KKK to scare them
c) Whites would threaten to fire blacks from their jobs
d) Whites would spray blacks with water hoses

Which of these is not true about the Constitution of 1868
a) It extended universal male suffrage
b) It gave all children free public education
c) It was written by 50 Democrates and 50 Republicans
d) It extended property rights to married women

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