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The phases of the moon, eclipses, and tides are all caused
a) by the changing relative position of the moon, Earth, and sun
b) Volcanic eruptions
c) asteroids
d) meteorites

What season is it in the Southern Hemisphere in January?
a) spring
b) winter
c) summer
d) fall

The American flag was placed on the moon:
a) at the side that never faces the earth
b) at the side that faces the earth for half the year
c) at the side that faces away from the earth
d) at the side that is always facing earth

During a lunar eclipse
a) the sun is always clearly visible as it hides the moon
b) The moon blocks sunlight from reaching earth
c) Earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon
d) Hurricanes on Earth occur more often

Tides are caused by
a) the sun's gravitational pull on the moon
b) how much the moon's gravity pulls on different parts of Earth
c) Mars moving closer to the Earth
d) Big Giant Whales flopping about in the ocean

A spring tide occurs
a) every 12.5 hours
b) when the North Pole and South Pole come together
c) when the gravity of the sun and moon pull in opposite directions
d) when the gravity of the sun and moon pull in the same direction

A neap tide occurs:
a) when the moon pulls in the same direction as Mars
b) when the sun pull's in the same direction as Venus
c) when the sun's pull is at right angles to the moon's pull
d) when the moon's pull is at right angles to the moon's pull.

The cycle of tides on Earth occurs
a) only once a year
b) every 12.5 hours
c) once a month
d) once a week

the moon rotates slightly on its axis:
a) at the start of each new season
b) every three months
c) every two hours
d) every 27.3 days

An object's ability to resist gravity is:
a) a phase
b) inertia
c) eclipse
d) umbra

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