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Review Of The Story, \"Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed.\".[print questions]

Why does the Bittering family leave Earth and move to Mars?
a) They want to escape the war on Earth.
b) They want to go on a nice vacation.
c) They heard that the weather on Mars is nicer than the weather on Earth.
d) They have relatives that live on Mars.

What is the theme of the story, Dark They Were and Golden Eyed?
a) Places can change you.
b) Money is the root of all evil.
c) Family is what matters most.
d) Space exploration can be dangerous.

At the end of the story, what happens to all the Earthpeople who moved to Mars?
a) They became Martians and moved to the mountains.
b) They fought in their own war and killed each other off.
c) They found a way to get back to Earth.
d) They died of a mysterious plague.

Which of the following is NOT a change that the Bitterings notice on Mars?
a) Their dog grows a third eye.
b) The roses start to turn green.
c) Their eyes start to turn gold.
d) Their cow grows a third horn.

What sort of mood is created by words like trembling, throat, heart, and sweating?
a) Anxious
b) Depressed
c) Peaceful
d) Exciting

How do the Martians learn English so quickly at the end of the story?
a) They already know English.
b) They don\'t learn to speak English.
c) The lieutenant is a good English teacher.
d) English is easier to learn than Martian.

What happens on Earth that causes the Bitterings to be stuck on Mars?
a) An atom bomb hits New York, which stops the rockets from Earth to Mars.
b) The Martians invade Earth.
c) The people on Earth run out of rocket fuel.
d) The entire planet is destroyed in a war.

Which answer best describes the change Harry\'s attitude toward Mars goes through?
a) At first, Harry is anxious about living on Mars, but eventually he is satisfied with his new life.
b) At first, Harry is satisfied with living on Mars, but eventually, he is anxious about his new life.
c) At first, Harry is optimistic about living on Mars, but eventually he is depressed by his new life.
d) At first, Harry is excited about living on Mars, but eventually he is frightened by his new life.

Why does Harry's son start calling his father Utha?
a) He is slowly becoming a Martian.
b) He is making fun of his father.
c) He is jealous of his father.
d) He is afraid of calling his father by his real name.

Why does Harry decide to stop working on the rocket?
a) It's hot out, and he decides to take a break until the autumn.
b) He doesn't know how to build a rocket.
c) He forgets why he was building the rocket in the first place.
d) He is afraid of what might happen if he completes the rocket.

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