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The floorplan of a ballroom is shown below (all angles are right). The wall represented by line AB is going to be removed. How wide will the opening be? (see poster 1)
a) 6 feet
b) 7 feet
c) 8 feet
d) 10 feet

Mike's younger brother likes to ride his bike. If the wheels have a diameter of 56 cm, how far does the wheel travel in 5 revolutions? (Use 3.14)
a) 880 cm
b) 88 cm
c) 220 cm
d) 440 cm

Zena ran 7 times around a circular track that has a radius of 12 meters. Which is the best approximation of the distance she ran? (Use 3.14)
a) 3024 m
b) 252 m
c) 432 m
d) 528 m

If r=26cm, what is the area of a quarter of the circle? Express your answer to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.
a) 513.5 square cm
b) 588.4 square cm
c) 563.8 square cm
d) 530.9 square cm

The dining table in Mike's house is 6.5 feet long and 3.6 feet wide. What is its area?
a) 101.1 square ft
b) 23.4 square ft
c) 17.8 square ft
d) 15.6 square ft

Find the height of a trapezoid if its parallel sides are 12cm and 18 cm long and its area is 345 square centimeters.
a) 23 cm
b) 48 cm
c) 38 cm
d) 35 cm

Find the area of the figure, in square meters, to the tenths place. (see poster 2)
a) 271.1 square m.
b) 935.6 square m
c) 557.8 square m
d) 362.2 square m

Find the area of the entire figure in units. (see poster 3)
a) 89 square units
b) 178 square units
c) 153 square units
d) 98 square units

Find the area of the shaded region where s=12. Round your answer to the hundreths place. (see poster 3)
a) 3.90 square units
b) 115.73 square units
c) 30.90 square units
d) 12.65 square units

What is the area of the shaded region to the nearest tenth of a square unit. (see poster 4)
a) 85.8 suqare units
b) 585.8 square units
c) 345.9 square units
d) 285.8 square units

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