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A group of organisms of the same type or species is called:
a) community
b) ecosystem
c) population

Organisms that are adapted to live in fresh and saltwater can be found in:
a) a lake
b) inter-tidal zone
c) estuary

When animals enter a resting state during the winter, this is called:
a) succession
b) migration
c) hibernation

A huge geographic area that has similar climates and ecosystems is called:
a) population
b) habitat
c) biome

This biome is frozen and does not receive enough rainfall for trees to grow:
a) taiga
b) temperate forest
c) tundra

A female dog raises a kitten along with her puppies; this relationship is an example of:
a) mutualism
b) commensalism
c) parasitism

When one species of an organism adopts a different species of organism to feed and raise as their own, this symbiotic relationship is called:
a) commensalism
b) mutualism
c) parasitism

A population is a group of species:
a) that are the same organisms that live together
b) are different and live miles apart
c) are from Mars

A producer would be considered a(n):
a) animal
b) human
c) plant

Which type of symbiotic relationship would an organism want most?
a) predatory
b) parasitism
c) mutualism

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