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What are the two parts of the computer
a) Hardware and software
b) Software and WIMP
c) WIMP and Hardware
d) MS Paint and MS Word

Which of the following input devices are used to enter text?
a) Mouse
b) Keyboard
c) Webcam
d) Light Pen

What is the full form of C.P.U?
a) Central Processor Unit
b) Centre Process Unit
c) Central Processing Uranium
d) Central Processing Unit

What does CAD stand for?
a) Computer Acessed Drawings
b) Colourful Awesome Drawings
c) Computer Aided Design
d) Computer Aided Drawing

Which of the following is not an output device?
a) Mouse
b) Speakers
c) Printers
d) Visual Display Unit

Which of the following is not a microcomputer?
a) PDA
b) Laptop
c) Desktop
d) Super Computer

Is a webcam an input or an output device?
a) Input Device
b) Output Device

Which of following is a hardware?
a) CD-Rom
b) MS Paint
c) Adobe Photoshop
d) Internet Explorer

Which of the following is a software?
a) CD-Rom
b) Printer
c) MS Paint
d) Monitor

What does the arithmetic unit do?
a) Performs Calculations
b) Performs Drawings
c) Organizes Data
d) Controls the computer

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