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People who like insects study ______________________________.
a) entomology
b) elocution
c) recalcitrant
d) tomes

Working at a place you don’t like can be ________________________.
a) tedious
b) placate
c) meritorious
d) cogent

If you are intelligent, you are __________________.
a) cogent
b) redact
c) recalcitrant
d) verbose

A scientist has to ___________________many books to find the appropriate answer.
a) peruse
b) tedious
c) tome
d) redact

The teacher wanted the students to __________________the essay for errors.
a) redact
b) ratiocinate
c) loquacious
d) placate

In Greek mythology, Hercules saved Greece by defeating the Titans; therefore, his acts are _________________________.
a) meritorious
b) tedious
c) recalcitrant
d) loquacious

Sally wanted to present her ____________________ art piece at the art expo
a) seminal
b) entomology
c) tedious
d) cogent

University libraries are full of _______________ dedicated to various areas of study.
a) tomes
b) meritorious
c) cogent
d) tedious

Investigators have to _______________evidence and interview witnesses before they accuse someone of committing a crime.
a) peruse
b) placate
c) cogent
d) entomology

The new mother did not know how to __________________ her crying baby.
a) placate
b) peruse
c) redact
d) recalcitrant

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