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Most eastern Europeans belong to which ethnic group?
a) Celtic
b) Franco
c) Slavic
d) Scandinavian

Roma people are also referred to as
a) Polish
b) Gypsies
c) Croatians
d) Bosnians

Most of the population of eastern Europe today lives in
a) Rural areas
b) Coastal regions
c) Mountain areas
d) Urban areas

It is believed that the earliest Slavs migrated from
a) Greenland
b) Africa
c) the Americas
d) Asia

Which empire ruled the Balkan Peninsula starting in 1400?
a) Ottoman Empire
b) Roman Empire
c) Holy Roman Empire
d) Prussian Empire

The capital of the Ukraine is
a) Minsk
b) Riga
c) Bucharet
d) Kiev

The Dnieper River empties into the
a) Baltic Sea
b) Adriatic Sea
c) Black Sea
d) Ionian Sea

Hungary's most popular sport is
a) Bashkuzi
b) Equestrian sports
c) Basketball
d) Foci

Most people in eastern Europe speak
a) Germanic languages
b) Indo-European languages
c) French
d) Franco-lingua languages

Which of the following religions is not common in eastern Europe?
a) Roman Catholicism
b) Islam
c) Eastern Orthodoxy
d) Lutheranism

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