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Geometry is
a) the study of shapes
b) the study of trees
c) the study of geos
d) the study of numbers

The solid shape with no edges and no vertices is a
a) cube
b) cone
c) sphere
d) oval

The solid shape with 2 faces that are circles is a
a) cylinder
b) cube
c) cone
d) heart

A quadrilateral has
a) one side
b) three sides
c) two sides
d) four sides

The solid shape with six square faces is a
a) cylinder
b) cube
c) pyramid
d) rectangle

I can make a trapezoid by using
a) three triangles
b) five hexagons
c) two circles
d) two squares

I have five sides and five vertices. I am a plane shape. I am a
a) hexagon
b) fivergone
c) pentagon
d) decagon

I have two sets of exactly equal parallel lines
a) I am a square.
b) I am a cube.
c) I am a triangle.
d) I am a cone.

If you slice a cylinder in half you will have
a) two cylinders
b) two spheres
c) two cubes
d) two cones

We can use geometry in real life when we
a) build houses
b) put together puzzles
c) make art
d) all of the above

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