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Waves that require a medium are called
a) mechanical waves.
b) transverse
c) longitudinal
d) electromagnetic

The formula for wave speed is
a) wave speed = frequency x wavelength.
b) wave speed = frequency/wavelength
c) wave speed = frequency x amplitude
d) wave speed = amplitude x wavelength

Materials that do not let any light pass through them are called
a) opaque.
b) transparent
c) translucent
d) scattered

The bending of a wave as it passes from one medium to another is called what?
a) refraction
b) reflection
c) scattering
d) translucent

The bouncing of light or sound off a surface is called
a) reflection.
b) refraction
c) transparent
d) translucent

Matter that transmits all light is
a) transparent.
b) translucent
c) opaque
d) scattered

What energy resources are easily replaced by nature?
a) renewable
b) nonrenewable
c) fossil fuels
d) none

What is an energy source that cannot be produced, grown, restored or reused as fast as it is used?
a) nonrenewable
b) renewable
c) trees
d) wind

Energy resources that are made from fossilized, carbon-rich plant and animal remains are called what?
a) Fossil fuels
b) renewable
c) solar
d) lunar

On a wave, the distance from one crest to the next is called
a) the wavelength.
b) amplitude
c) frequency
d) wave speed

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